Solutions » Lean Healthcare

Non-Profits and Public Healthcare organizations have unique patent quality and safety as well as cost challenges. Bellwether Services offers has been successfully in the most difficult environment.  Our Lean Healthcare Consulting Practice focuses on achieving a positive Return-On-Investment (ROI) by eliminating or at least minimizing non value-added activities through the implementation of Lean practices. These practices will deliver new, non-traditional approaches to reduce waste and improve healthcare. Our focus on:

  • Reducing costs and service capacity
  • Seek opportunities to improve patent quality and safety such as;
  • Improve Patient Flow
  • Improve Days Outstanding
  • Reduce Patient Wait Times
  • Improve Patient Satisfaction
  • Improve Equipment Maintenance Utilization
  • Reduce IT Network Downtime

Currently we offer this lean solution in the following states; Ohio, Colorado, New Jersey, Maryland, Georgia, Texas, Virginia, and Missouri. We serve 100 -300 bed Non-Profits and many progressive Public Healthcare clinics. Call us at 404.386.2437 to discuss your Lean Healthcare options.